RAM Confusion

Hello there,

I’ve just upgraded my motherboard, and I’m a little confused about FSBs, RAM, etc. My memory is 1333Mhz. According to the data, my Core 2 Quad has a FSB of 1066Mhz. I think I understood from somewhere that when the multiple of the RAM speed is the same as the multiple of the FSB speed, the pair work best. So, as 1333 / 4 = 3333. Am I right in thinking that setting the FSB speed at 333, which, in the lets me choose a DRAM speed of 1333 in the BIOS, will give me the best performance, even thoguh 1333 is greater than the rated 1066 mhz? If not, please could you correct me.


Confused- :stuck_out_tongue: