Radeon HD 2400 XT support?

is it possible to add this gfx to the haiku driver to see if the driver will support it? if so, how do i do that,i mean what file do i have to add my card’s information to in the haiku source.please bear in mind that i have never done this before.
here is the card’s info.
device name : Radeon HD 2400 XT
device/id : 0x94c8
device/vendor : 0x1002
device/type : 0x3

Not possible. Current ATI driver supports only upto Radeon X800 graphics architecture.

You will have to wait for a newer driver to support your hardware.

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The Radeon driver for Haiku was meant for 9800 & older cards. It has been reworked to support upto the X800 but some cards (X300?) were not working properly with it.

Best choice to stick with Nvidia Geforce 7950 or older if you want graphics driver support (non-VESA).

[quote=AndrewZ]Oh look, Radeon X800’s for sale:
thanks for the replies guys
unfortunately it’s an acer extensa 5620 laptop,so i’m stuck with this HD 2400 XT card.