R1A3 on KVM, etc

I have Squebian Deeze running on my quad Phenom-II. I finally got my kvm script polished well enough so it’s easy to start VMs.

I’ve been working on modernizing the Smoothwall firewall for a couple years now. It’s quite usable (and is my perimeter firewall). For testing, I’ve been using an extra computer or three I have laying around. But it gets old trying to remember what I have installed on which and where (2-3 drives in each). So with my script working well, I installed my RC3 in a KVM VM, gave it 4 virtual NICs, one in each zone of RED, GREEN, PURPLE and ORANGE, rebooted and it runs. And I can fairly easily switch virtual HDs for testing.

To test that the firewall is doing what it should, I wanted a lightweight system with a smallish footprint. I decided I should finally DL and install Haiku in another VM with just a virtNIC attached to GREEN. It has a lot of serial console output, but it installed nicely. Very much like BeOS 10 years ago. The NIC got an address and I browsed the web a bit.

And that leads to my question; not for support but as a status query. Is WebPositive’s JavaScript limited? Or is it non-existent?

Alas, Civilization: Call to Power installs and runs, but seems to hang on initialization, using lots of CPU. In time, I expect this’ll work, too. (Hmmm. Would full-screen access be related?)

No messages and no crashes, so y’all’re doin’ somethin’ right. :slight_smile:

For what I need right now,
Haiku is the cat’s meow.


WebPositive is WebKit based. It uses the javascript engine from WebKit, it is however a bit outdated version of WebKit.

Just installed Civilization - Call To Power V1.2 on Haiku 4.1. It installs, but hangs on initialization…