R1 Beta4 hrev56578-64 (64-bit) update and package problems

Hi everyone.

I can’t update via softwareupdater. I have several pending updates and it freezes at inviting package 5 of 21. Updating using pkgman works fine, though.

I’ve tried to install ansiweather from terminal. It checks Haiku checksums successfully and then the only thing I see is the cursor blinking forever at the next line. I installed it successfully from Software Updater,

Terminal seems to take several seconds to think after entering a command and pressing [Enter] when using pkgman. Is this common?

When trying to install packages from Haikudepot, if I try to install a second package while something is still being installed, it seemed the first installation freezes, so the second one will never start.

Whole I’m writing this, I’ve been updating from terminal. Now I’m on hrev56578+86. Hope these issues are solved soon, if not now.

I’m using Haiku on real hardware, and even though I have a low end mini PC (HP 260 G4) with a 1.9 GHz Celeron, I don’t usually have speed problems in Linux and Windows 11. It’s not slow for Haiku either. Only the terminal feels sluggish.

Just keep up the good work. I love Haiku!

It’s not common. Maybe some networking issue?
Try to run tail -f /var/log/syslog in a second Terminal, maybe something suspicious pops up.
If the issues persist, consider filing a bugreport.

This may be a shortcomming of HaikuDepot, see #10676 (Selecting and installing/deinstalling multiple packages at once must work) – Haiku

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