R1/beta1 - no sound

Ok, so I understand that the OSS driver doesn’t work with 64-bit, but wasn’t it a bit stupid to remove it from the repositories so that those of us using VMWare on Macs don’t get ANY sound even when we go to the 32-bit version? I could see it if someone came up with an audio driver that worked instead, but WTF?

The old way of installing this is, in a Terminal window, typing:

installoptionalpackage -a opensound
[Edit: as extrowerk indicated, this command does not exist in beta]

And you can find the list of old optionalpackages at http://www.haiku-files.org/files/optional-packages/
[Edit: Formerly, you could also extract these. I think there may be a ReadMe file.]

However, I don’t know whether this is applicable to Haiku R1/b1. My search-fu fails at finding a more recent method.

There is no such command in beta.

The right way to install aditional stuff in Beta is the Packagemanager.
So maybe in the comandline a
pkgman search oss gives some hints…

or you go with the gui version. not shure if it is there i just found this one
Maybe this helps?

Well, I found a workaround for this - Since I’m using VMWare I had a nightly version with OSS already installed, so I copied the opensound-4.2-2-x86_gcc2.hpkg file to a USB stick and then copied it into the R1/beta1 /boot/system/packages directory and ran the install program. Now I have sound in my 32-bit R1/beta1.

When I ran the nightly image and went to haiku depot, opensound still shows up, and the R1/beta1 still shows the open sound add-on in the /add-ons/x86/media directory but the hpkg file doesn’t appear in haukudepot. That’s just plain dumb.

That’s actually the current correct way to do that. No commands required.

Honestly you shouldn’t need oss…perhaps change the emulated sound card in VMware.

I think haiku Depot may have a separate branch for beta1 support? And the oss package isn’t tested thoroughly yet so it isn’t there yet.

I see the “Open Sound” package when searching for “opensound”. Beta1 32bit here.

People updating from a nightly should make sure they point the repo URL in the Repositories prefs to “r1beta1” instead of “master”. Dunno if that’s relevant in this case…

I’ve encountered this before, but in Virtualbox. We did talk about this in some other topic, though I can’t quite recall where. I tested with Linux distributions and they have sound, so it may be Haiku. Anyhow, I’ll try @FurryOne’s solution and see if it works.

Well, I assure you that when I installed the R1/beta1 and checked HaikuDepot there were only 3-4 entries that started with “O”, and I had “All Repositories” listed. I see this morning that it now lists over 50 entries that start with “O”, including OpenSound. Maybe the R1/beta1 repositories were’t originally online?

No you probably had Featured Packages checked. As it is by default… unfortunately this leads a lot of people to think packages aren’t there at all.

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On first launch, it appears that downloading the info for all the packages is kinda slow. It may just not have finished by the time you searched.

There’s a ticket to add a barberpole that shows what HaikuDepot is doing. That way the user can be informed that data is still being downloaded.

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No, I didn’t - I’ve been using HaikuOS since the project started and always make sure that’s not checked.

Are you running Haiku in English?

Being in New York, yes.

Well I ask as there is the potential that running it in a non english locale could be causing slow populating of HaikuDepot.

My wild guess here is that there is no OpenSound for 64-bit platform. Thats why its not listed in HaikuDepot. If its loaded for ‘FurryOne’ in 32 bit, it should probably be safe to add a recipe for 64 as well?

The recipe is here: https://github.com/haikuports/haikuports/blob/master/media-sound/opensound/opensound-4.2~git.recipe
Somebody should test it on 64 bit and report the results. Then we can enable it, but just after somebody tested it.

This is better: https://github.com/haikuports/haikuports/pull/2465

I have installed R1beta x64 on my hard disk. I have no sound. If i do listdev i see:
device Multimedia controller (Audio device) [4|3|0]
vendor 1002: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI]
device 1314: Wrestler HDMI Audio

All seems ok, but when i play a mp3 or a video i don’t hear any sound

I didn’t found any previous ticket refered to that sound device.

@Sanandreas: please, fill a bug report at:

Include the complete listdev output. Thanks :slight_smile: