R1 Beta1 hrev52295 feedback

It’s is on the HeikuDepot, indeed:

Odd… It doesn’t appear in my HaikuDepot app. I guess I can get it directly from the site. I’ll see what I can do (tomorrow).

There’s a ticket for it, ticket #12414, but no patch for it yet…

That shouldn’t be a problem. I think it’s the purpose of the transaction folder in the first place…

If your old Haiku has problems with networking, you could download a nightly from another OS and create a USB stick. Or even just download the nightly with “wget -c” from Haiku.

Did you refresh the HaikuDepot repository? On first launch, after a fresh install, not all available packages are shown until you refresh the repository. It’s a known bug.

Thanks, but that’s not it… I guess it’s just because it’s an older rev, and the links are still to the older depots. It’s my ‘everyday’ partition, so I don’t update it because things tend to break. :grinning:

The HaikuDepot in my more current ‘test’ partition, does find it, but it has too many dependencies ATM. When I find a way to update the system (!) I should be in better shape.

Just a question while testing my game engine here: In the Beta MESA will still have only 3.0 core, right?