Questions about compiling Haiku


I had a start a thread with a errors at time compiling source o Haiku.

Platform: ARM
System: Ubuntu Bionic on Odroid C2

  1. I have a little bug with a int precision
rc/tools/fs_shell/vfs.cpp:3733:44: error: cast from 'FSShell::file_descriptor*' to 'int32_t {aka int}' loses precision [-fpermissive]
    0, (fssh_addr_t)descriptor) != (int32_t)descriptor)

It looks like you’re trying to cast a 64 bit pointer to a 32 bit integer. The compiler is right to complain.

How did you configure it? For which target?
You’ll probably want to show up in IRC to have more interactive help.

compiles for arm and if something does not work in the code, I replace the files from arm64. Will this mixed result code work? compiles on a 64 bit machine

  1. Now is problem with architecture. Where I’am had a change to arm or armv8-a ?
...failed C++ generated/objects/haiku/arm/release/system/boot/platform/efi/efi/console.o ...
Assembler messages:
Error: unknown architecture `armv7-a'

Error: unrecognized option -march=armv7-a

With some magic trick compile a ARM port to image. And the Question is what now ?
I have a files image.mmc + haiku-floppyboot.tgz.efi . how to make a UEFI partition?