Question about X11


Just make a flag for nativeness. Put a Haiku logo + a :heart: or something.
Doing 1 :star: or promoting that behavior on this is nonsense, you might get LibreOffice 1-ed because it goes over QT, and frankly, dont see a native option replacement in the long term.


Then just vote honestly. If some toolkit is so well ported that no one sees any difference, what’s the point of native apps?


I think the only reason it was even brought up to have such categories or tags related to toolkit is several people bemoaned Native software being sidelined… much as was done when QT was originally ported. I find it a tiresome argument, I can see myself ticking a checkbox, a filter or something to just look through Native software whatever that may be. I think that would be nice… but I definitely do not like when people to start arbitrarily banning software (for example they think it doesn’t belong because it is Linuxish or windowsish, or whathaveyouish… ) from repos based on what APIs or libraries it uses unless there are some security or licensing reasons.

Perhaps people could tag software similar to voting… with predefined tags at least kind of like how posts on stackoverflow are tagged.


Absolutely agree with that.


it’s a weird distinction; software that runs, runs. there just isn’t a reason for x to clog up the space and nothing stopping anyone who already knows what they want from it from running an emulated x environment. no benefit to being in the depot and the bulk of stuff people generally use in x is separate from x by now – usually gnome and kde apps, both of which are already ported to systems without x. ports are cool as hell. x uniquely complicates everything.


X as an application is useful in it’s own right, and as a target for applications to run on it also useful, it it wasn’t every other desktop OS wouldn’t have X11 ports… a simple rootless X server would be plenty to satisfy me similar to what Xming is on windows. If it isn’t needed people won’t install it I probably won’t install it very often myself… and certainly nobody should be writing new BeOS/Haiku applications that depend on it but there is a lot of existing software that does depend on it and if you have a remote Unix server it would be quite handy often enough.

One could argue that there is no benefit to a lot of the things in the Depot… but that is to you… to someone else they may have a completely different need and perspective.

Haiku currently has no GTK applications, a X port would probably the the simplest way to get them going…not ideal but also quite simple. Ideally GTK’s broadway backend could be rewritten to target the BeAPI creating a BeAPI backend for GTK. Applications in the Depot would then just switch to using GTK targeted at the BeAPI instead of X11.