Question about registers database

Falled in love with BeOS/Zeta/Haiku since a lot of years,
I use BeOS every days and i have one question:

  • How BeOS parameters are saved ? Ini files, registers database, or sqlite database?

Why do i ask this question?
Because since 2 months, i learn tcl/tk programming language and i try to recreate deskbar/tracker BeOS like on linux in pure tck/tk without non standart librairy.
It’s very early version I’m working hard to have usable one.

You could find my first work here

Thanks for your answer.

Welcome @spheris! That’s a very cool project you have going! BeOS/Haiku parameters are saved in multiple ways (the settings format has yet to be fully standardized).

There are two primary ways however:

Through reading and writing raw data to a file:

Through the use of a “BMessage” and the use of its Flatten() and Unflatten() calls:

I hope this helps you a bit! If you have any other questions, please ask! :grinning:

To save value, until now i used only text files as this:

key is name of file
value is inside this text file without CR.

well it’s very simple to add key, value in folder.
maybe i should change this solution.
But thanks for your advice!