QT noob question

I have QT4 up and running on my system and I thought I’d experiment with porting an app I found

Google “how to port qt apps” and the answer comes back “it’s easy! Type qmake …”

~> qmake
bash: qmake: command not found

~> pkgman install cmd:qmake

*** failed to find a match for “cmd:qmake”: Name not found

So I take it there is an alternative to qmake that we are using?

Since Qt is built with gcc4 you need a few extra steps.

pkgman install cmd:qmake_x86 setarch x86 qmake

Almost. Since Qt itself is a gcc4 application you need to add _x86 suffix:

pkgman install cmd:qmake_x86

It is part of libqt4_x86_devel package.

Got it! Thanks.