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WonderBrush for Haiku 64Bit … in the HaikuDepot I had overlooked and now discovered by ‘chance’.

WonderBrush crashes when I click on ‘English’ (Edit / Settings / Program Settings / Language / English)

Crashed 2 times, even after restart! Now, with the 3rd call, suddenly no more! :thinking:
Now again (and again and again), but not every time …
In addition, I cannot make any keyboard entries after the crash. Only again when I quit WonderBrush64 in the team monitor using ‘Force Quit’…!
Crashes also when selecting other settings…
EDIT_4 (<_3):
… however (also) not every time!

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Wonderbrush 64 Bit is new in HaikuDepot.
So this thread belongs to
New in HaikuDepot.
For the crashes you should consider writing bugreports at haikuports…

Great to have Wonderbrush for 64bit anyway!
Sure it will be soon gettting better. The fact it is working now shows that some developer showed interest working on it and that is just a great thing!
Big thanks to the developer!


Only if you submit useful bug reports. In that case, please use the “save report” button in the crash dialog and attach the saved file to your bugreport so someone can investigate what’s happening.

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I guess I’ll have to go for it!
My (more than limited) knowledge of English has (also) prevented me from doing so…
I tried that a long time ago, but I gave up!
IRC et al. is also one of those things… I’ve been invited to it several times, but it’s too cryptic for me…
It is incomprehensible to me why many things are still so complicated (“from behind through the chest into the eye”).
There used to be excellent software (in terms of functionality), but most (potential - because they are experts) users were put off by its inoperability (grotesquely bad user interface).

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

It test it for some minutes and i does not get this error, because there is only english available.

Ich habe vor ein paar Minuten Wonderbrush probiert und dort bisher keinen Fehler festgestellt. In der Sprachausgabe existiert hier nur Englisch. Bei der Auswahl crashed das Programm hier nicht.

Wie oft hast Du es probiert und was in welcher Reihenfolge ‘vor’ ‘English’?

How often have you tried it and what in which order ‘before’ ‘English’?

ah thx I will try to do my best to give as much necessary info as possible.
the only thing is, the crash seems occur randomly.
…and yes there is only english atm available…

Yes, that’s exactly why saving the debug report is important. It may have valuable information, and it may not be so easy for someone else to reproduce the problem.

— for me so far only in the ‘Settings’ area.

The export and the save as will crash randomly too, same as to change the canvas size… Anyway I have to do some bug reports. By testing the 32bit version I see that files cannot saved due to missing/disturbed save dialog… There is also no horizontal guide line visible only if you change 90 to 91 degree…

WonderBrush is hosted here: https://github.com/stippi/WonderBrush-v2. Bug reports should be reported to “issues” section.

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That means hard work for Stephan Aßmus (stippi) !
I wish him much success and thanks to him for this great software!

Thank you for taking care of it and investing your time!

how to upload the debug report with Github with Web+? Seems like Github does not work with Web+

how do I upload the debug report to Github?
Do I have to use git CLI for upload?

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Anyway GitHub won’t accept a .report file, it should display a red line “We don’t support that file type.” followed by a list of file types supported.
So you have to zip it or change extension to .txt but as neither Web+ nor Otter displayed me that info, I guess that they didn’t go that far.

You can paste the text content.


Please retest after hrev54798

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It seems working with hrev54798, at least, for me.


…yes it is working just nice now, and is great to have it.
Very good work, thanks Pulkomany and Stippi, great.

Only thing is the 90 angle for the horizontal guidlines still wont show up in 32bit!
On Haiku 64bit they are working just as they should.

Sorry this thread is about Haiku 64bit…

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Thanks for WonderBrush64, it’s just part of Haiku!
… (BShisen too …) …
Was WonderBrush64 and / or Haiku responsible for the crash?

you should ask Pulkomandy, I think he told it was Haiku’s fault.

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