Putting a halt on updating recipes (lib) versions

With some of the recent comments on the forum here I’ve been checking up on errors reported by the build system (https://eu.hpkg.haiku-os.org/haikuports/master/repository/x86_gcc2/current/report.txt)
Some have already been done thanks to some of the other contributors, but some are still in line of a need to be updated/fixed.
If any library will be updated it would have to make sure all it’s depending recipes are at least revbumped after the merge (with checkboxes on the PR when created)
For instance, I was checking up on expect, needed new tcl, on x86_gcc2 it was ok, on x86_64 it was broken due to failing to link against our sqlite3 (tcl comes with it’s own tcl), that was done, then I wanted to check up on one of the dependencies “sqlcipher” on x86_64 that needed tcl version 8.5

These are just some of the examples popping up now (at least for me) …

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“ tcl comes with it’s own tcl”
This is somewhat expected, but i think you meant libsqlite3.

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Indeed, nice catch :slight_smile: