Pulsar2D of Haiku?

Hallo guys,

is there anyone outhere who have fun to take a look on Pulsar2D, the successor of EGSL (EGSL is available on Haiku)? Would be great to get this language for Haiku.


Here are some of Pulsar’s features:

All rendering is based on SDL2 which gives us on most platforms hardware accelerated graphics
Programming can be done with Lua 5.2 or Free Pascal 3.0.0 or FreeBASIC 1.0.5 and newer
Simple animation system
Simple particles system
Simple usage of bitmap (pixel) fonts.
Multiple windows support
A lot of built-in functions gives you access to graphics, sound and input.
Several helper functions for use with Lua
Crossplatform development for Windows and Linux (MacOS in the near future, eventually in the far future RaspberryPi, Android and iOS)
It is 100% free and licensed under the zLib license, so you can use it for any purposes even for commercial ones.
Program in Lua, Pascal or in BASIC. Use the same functions in all languages.
Now two built-in 8x8 pixel bitmap fonts (Serif and Sansserif).
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Has Pulsar 2D seen much development in the last few years? How much difference is there between the two?

I’m still waiting for complete command documentation for EGSL, which still doesn’t exist and no one has been forthcoming with it, partricularly the author of EGSL himself!

Can I bribe someone with $25 per command defined/explained, that is currently missing? Or is EGSL not really worth it? Anyone have usable EGSL source code compilable in a recent Haiku x86 or any Haiku x86_64?

Hello Luposian,

A working egsl version can you found on the besly repo.

i compile yesterday pulsar2d. but i get errors. i have ask cybermonkey if he had some hints. today he doesn’t have haiku installed. soon as possibile he will install haiku in a vm and look to the problem.

I tried to compile pulsar2d, but I get the following message. Has someone experience and could help

fpc pulsarlua.pas -Mdelphi
Free Pascal Compiler version 3.0.2 [2017/03/11] for i386
Copyright © 1993-2017 by Florian Klaempfl and others
Target OS: Haiku for i386
Compiling pulsarlua.pas
Compiling p2dvideo.pas
p2dvideo.pas(268,2) Error: Identifier not found “flip”
p2dvideo.pas(269,102) Error: Identifier not found “TSDL_RendererFlip”
p2dvideo.pas(269,120) Error: Identifier not found “flip”
p2dvideo.pas(272,2) Error: Identifier not found “flip”
p2dvideo.pas(273,102) Error: Identifier not found “TSDL_RendererFlip”
p2dvideo.pas(273,120) Error: Identifier not found “flip”
p2dvideo.pas(284,9) Error: Identifier not found “TSDL_RendererFlip”
p2dvideo.pas(284,26) Error: Error in type definition
p2dvideo.pas(300,102) Error: Identifier not found “TSDL_RendererFlip”
p2dvideo.pas(304,102) Error: Identifier not found “TSDL_RendererFlip”
p2dvideo.pas(1252) Fatal: There were 10 errors compiling module, stopping
Fatal: Compilation aborted
Error: /boot/home/config/non-packaged/bin/ppc386 returned an error exitcode

regards Lorglas

@lorglas did you install the Pascal-SDL-2-Headers? (according to the readme they should be installed/needed)

Hello Begasus,

yes the headers are installed.

Ok, didn’t find a lot on the net in regards on the errors, but some pointed out to sdl2 :slight_smile: