Psst! 14th Thank You Award at Haikuware

Haikuware is having our 14th Thank You Award! Please head on over and vote for one of the candidates (polling ends Dec. 1st). The nominees are:

  • Jérôme Duval - For applying patches sent in by others and keeping elemental stuff like bash, coreutils, libpng, wget and other packages up-to-date.
  • Jonas Sundström - Polishing of Haiku: Backgrounds, Zip-O-Matic, Workspaces, Deskbar Preferences.
  • Scott McCreary - For his great work on HaikuPorts and esp. for rebuiling almost all Optional Packages needed for the alpha1/r1.
  • Vincent Duvert - For creating the fantastic translation tool for the user guide at
  • Evgeny Abdraimov, Anton Sokolov, Gerasim Troeglazov - For their work to bring the multi-platform framework Qt4 to Haiku.

Qt4 team is the winning choice, of course!

Nowadays Qt >>>>>>>>> Java