Psi Plus (IM client) compile fine but can't connect (due to libqca_ossl)

Hi, today I compiled Psi+ on Haiku: it compiled and runs fine, however it can’t connect to any server due a TLS/SLL issue: it claims that no TLS/SSL plugin is installed.
After some research I’ve found that it can’t find the file.

I compiled Psi+ using qca2 libraries, but seems not enough.
On beshare I’ve found an older version of Psi+; in its folder (of this old version of Psi+), under the subfolder qtplug/crypto/, in facts, there is a file called, but it still claim that it cannot connect using TLS/SSL.
But, however, I can start this old Psi+ version by running:
QT_PLUGIN_PATH=/boot/home/config/non-packaged/psi_plus/qtplug /boot/home/config/non-packaged/psi_plus/psi-plus
In this way (this old version) is able to connect without claiming about missing plugin, but the new version which I compiled, is still unable to connect and will always claims about missing TLS/SSL plugin.
About the new version that I compiled: seems that should be present in Qt 4.8.7, but in the current Qt 4.8.7 package, such file is not present, although bot libqt_x86 and libqt_x86_devel are installed.

Maybe I have to place the file in some other folder, to let see Psi+ using this file?

Any hints?

Maybe diver can help, he wrote the recipe at HaikuPorts.

Thanks for the suggestion, Korli.

@Diver: do you have any hints?

Well, I opened a ticket on Github:
Maybe, there are more developers from which get attention :slight_smile:

Well, I’ve been able to make Psi+ (the version from HaikuPorts) properly works on Haiku, with a temporary workaround :slight_smile:
For me is another step in direction to spend more time on Haiku instead of Windows, since I use a lot Hangouts/Google Talk.

This problem in host address resolver in Psi+ libiris library.
Specify IP address of jabber server in account properties->connection->manual specify server host/port for connect.



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