Protecting Haiku with password and autostart

Hello. It probably is not possible yet to set password to login. Is it possible to write program to exit when correct password will be entered and then display desktop?
Also how to add bash commands to autostart?


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Welcome! At this time there is experimental support for a simple login screen, however, it is not included in nightly or beta builds of Haiku. You’d have to build Haiku from source to do so. (If you would look like to try that, I can give you some links to guides that help you to do so. :slight_smile:)

Otherwise, for auto starting bash scripts on Haiku boot up, you’ll want to edit this file:
This file is executed like a bash script, and there you can put stuff you want to be autostarted.

But the system is full started here, so the user can use the tracker to kill the login screen.

Yes, this would rather need changes to the launch daemon rules to not start the “Desktop” rule immediately and instead start some “Login” rule first, triggering an “user authenticated” event that would then start the desktop, I guess?