Promoting Haiku at local conferences and User Groups?

Maybe that could be an angle. Team up with other projects so they show on their booth that their products even/also work on Haiku. At start they may need you to set up things but once used to it, they could make the demo everywhere they go. I don’t know for Ancestris but I imagine that there are Qt booths at each event. Of course, the most difficult part is to convince them that there’s an interest…

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I do not add the tree to the besly website (lorlgas work). The original is a excel table exportet as pdf. And it need to be smal at all to get them on one site to show (A3).

It would definitely help if every ported software/game had a link for the haiku port on its website.

Tried that with imagemagick because of my gui, but unfortunately the link wasn’t added.

We lose a lot of attention and presence as a result.

I can understand their point of view. If the software is a port (it doesn’t run as is and need patches), they need either to accept patches upstream (and in this case, to do the support) or to say that it it’s an unofficial port. Rinse and repeat for every OS and in case of linux, every distributions. This ends up with a lot of work and/or, at least, a very long list that has to be updated with every version. Most projects don’t have manpower for it.
This said, I agree that they should do it anyway.

That’s exactly the problem, because most of them don’t use haiku and only know it from hearsay.

They could solve it by taking a haiku logo icon and then linking it directly to haikuports/project and writing unsupported on the page.

But they usually don’t come up with the idea, or find it annoying anyway to add something they don’t own.

Some of the ported sources already mention Haiku on their website, maybe not always visual but there are some already, patches that were send upstream also put Haiku in the picture as others doing ports for their OS will see those PR’s/merges also. :slight_smile:
But yeah, progress is always good, we already took steps in the right direction. :slight_smile:

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