Programming with Haiku!

I know most of you are familiar with darkwyrm’s work “Learning to Program with Haiku”, and “Programming with Haiku”! I believe it is an important tutorial to foster Haiku rich application development! I have taken the liberty to take all of the single PDF files found at “” and condense them into two PDF files plus example source code! I have compressed it all into a 5.1 MB zip file!

In my opinion, it is better to have one PDF file for one tutorial instead of having as many PDF files as there are lessons. The Zip file containing the tutorials can be found below

Hi David!

[Edit: Sorry, I didn’t realize DarkWyrm distributed his lessons under Creative Commons… You may ignore the following… Or just buy it at Lulu anyway… :)]

Please remove you archive from that link. While I understand that having all in one PDF is useful, all lessons are copyrighted by DarkWyrm. In fact, the first volume is available at either as eBook or as printed version. The second volume is sure to follow one day.
The least we can do to thank DarkWyrm for his work, is to buy it or at least not keep others from buying.


If the forum mods think the archive is inappropriate or illegal, then I will accept the deletion of the post! I believe the tutorials are distributed under the Creative Commons license, which permits redistribution as long as the copyright statement is intact, which it is. Am I right?

I just thought people would rather have a single PDF file than many. I know I would. Do you really think my combining all the separate lesson pdf’s into one tutorial PDF file will stop people from buying them? If that was the case then why did he release them for all to download and use?

I do intend to purchase both “Learning to Program with Haiku” and “Programming with Haiku”(when it is released)! Why would I do such a thing if I can get it for free? I do it because I want to reward DarkWyrm for his hard work and dedication to Haiku, and its future programmers! I also do it because I, like many prefer a real physical book to hold and read. Don’t get me wrong, I love e-books, but they are not as easy to read in my opinion!

So in conclusion, I just wanted to help Haiku and it’s users in the only way I know how. By condensing these tutorials into one file each. I am not a programmer, but with the help of these tutorials I hope to be one soon!



The tutorials were not until now released under a creative commons license. But now they are!
With authorization from Jon Yoder, you can now enjoy them under the CC-BY-NC-SA license.

He also sent me the sources for the books, which you can find here:

(I will move them to either HaikuArchives or Haiku github repo, I don’t know which one is more appropriate yet).

Work can now begin on translating the book to other languages, updating the screenshots, converting them to docbook, or whatever you think is useful to do with it.

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I can assist with updating the screenshots. And testing on people who are illiterate in C++.

Also, that was one hell of a bump.


If you buy it like me you get one pdf

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I’ll probably look into purchase if still available. The OP link is an obnoxious ad-site. I miss having DarkWyrm around. I met him at WalterCon 1. Good guy. I miss the old Tycom Systems BeShare days. Thanks for the update, PulkoMandy.

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I’ve got the book myself and I think it’s worth the purchase.

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The fist two chapters are now converted in asciidoc format (this makes it easier to view them in github, and review changes using git).

I will start experiments with a toolchain for converting them to pdf, html, etc for export.

Also, I heard a spanish translation is already being worked on.

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I’ve started Russian translation about three years ago and have finished five lessons + first unit review. But they weren’t published anywhere since I didn’t finish the first book. I still have them available though, so if someone wants to continue I’d gladly transfer my in progress work to them.

Is it updated to at least c++11? I wan’t to learn programming with Haiku but i’m afraid i will learn outdated c++.

C++11 is not a revolution and does not remove anything from the language. Moreover, these lessons start with fairly simple concepts, so that you won’t see a lot of places where C++11 would make a huge difference.

But no, the book was not updated with anything yet. It is just released under a license which now allows us to start working on that.


You won’t be learning anything really out of date. Most importantly you’ll be learning to code for Haiku and familiarizing yourself with the API. To that end, DarkWyrm’s book is still highly relavent. Don’t let the age of the document be a reason to procrastinate.


You can learn C++ with just previous to c++11 code. The new features just made some processes go faster instead of doing stuff manually in code, but you would be able to achieve the same outcome in the end.