Programing Print function in an app


Is there an example / description how to programming a print function in haiku.

I found a pagesetup and print in styleedit. But not all is clear for me.

How that work together and so on.

Regards lorglas

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I have no experience at all with printing in Haiku but I got curious and found the BPrintJob class in the Be Book at
Hope it helps :slight_smile:

Thank you,

i will study it.

How can I generate the dialog by specifying the pages that I want to print?

For example Document is 10 pages long, I want to print pages 3-5.


I only get the top icon for the page setting.

I found the Problem. I forgot to call job.ConfigJob(), but one last issue.

Lastpage are set to a long Number, it is possible to set it to the real lastpage.


printing from QT would be awesome, q d webpositive