Problems writing to USB?

I installed the 1/31/10 nightly build on top of the Alpha R1 release. I can read from 4 GB Sandisk USB drive but I cannot write to it. It is mounted read/write. When I copy using cp file /SANDISK it sits and does not complete. I notice that the USB light blinks randomly. When I pull the disk out I get a kernel panic.

Is this a known issue?


I do not think this is a known problem -not that I know of anyway- so you should create a ticket on with all the details you can give.

When logged in and at this URL:

I get this warning:
■<acct_mgr.web_ui.MessageWrapper object at 0xb85e976c>

and this error:
Error: Forbidden
TICKET_CREATE privileges are required to perform this operation

Hi AndrewZ,

have you created/activated your account at
Check out the first few paragraphs of the wiki page.


It says I am logged in as andrewz. Do I need an additional activation? Thanks for the assistance.

I’m not sure… Did you get and reply to the activation mail after registering? I have no idea, maybe you can log in without activation, but can’t add a new ticket…?
Maybe try IRC. mmadia should be able to help you, I think.


"reply to the activation mail after registering?"
This was the issue. The ticket is submitted, thanks for the assistance.

Very sure your ticket is same as this one:

I have no time to check and block it, can someone else do it?

You should look through the older ticket for more information about the issue.