Problems with sound and network

i test R1A3 RC and i have this problems :

1… my integrated network card Realtek 8111 on GIGABYTE G41MT-D3 mainboard is corectly set via DHCP but internet is not running
2. i know that for my nvidia gt240 is not driver in haiku yet but this graphics have sound card and is set as default and there is not option to set again to mainboard sound card… in Media pref is veiw only one HD sound and there is not choice to switch to mainboard sound

sorry for my not very good english, but english is not my native language

1 i have a similar problem mee too: SoundMax on a p5pe-vm motherboard ,at initial start-up it doesn t play mp3 but after 10-15 minutes browsing or just doing anything else surprize it plays mp3
2this is not a problem i just to give a big thanks to all haiku developers for all the great job that they are doing,my fps in haiku on my asus p5pe-vm with intel i865g are even better than windows xp(sorry for my english)

I also have a network problem. Internet was no problem a couple of months ago. Then suddenly, no net connection. Sometimes it comes and goes for seconds, but i cant use it. :frowning:

[quote=catalin]1 i have a similar problem mee too: SoundMax on a p5pe-vm motherboard ,at initial start-up it doesn t play mp3 but after 10-15 minutes browsing or just doing anything else surprize it plays mp3[/quote]I’ve noticed the same behavior; the mp3 plays but there is no sound until after a while (minutes).

Is your motherboard sound enabled in the BIOS?

you have to file bug tickets for every different issue. First search for anything similar before reporting your issue as new.

For network, there were some changes after Alpha2. Try A2 & see if that works. Then report the bug.

For sound not working till you browse. Maybe an IRQ conflict?

To start, each ticket should include:

  1. good description of issue
  2. Haiku revision # and gcc2 or gcc4
  3. your syslog
    From there, developer can ask for more information if required.

File ticket here:

i think i have 2 sound cards… on onboard intel HD azalia and second NVIDIA HDMI sound card… the problem is that Haiku see and automaticaly set as default a NVIDIA but this is wrong becouse i use clasic VGA output to conect my LCD and not HDMI port…

NVIDIA have sound card for streaming sound and video output via HDMI port.

but i dont se HDMI there is problem: Haiku can not know that is used HDMI or not…

the solution is : when is used hdmi then use hdmi sound and when is used DSUB/DVI then used onboard sound

the problem is that Haiku can not have 9xxx and higher graphics card driver

problem with network i dont know where is it, but i belevie that when was released a alpha3 then this problem was resolved

if its is detecting the nivida audio in the Video card, select the other sound card under prefrences/media. Then shut down and reboot. Should cure the problem.

I created a ticket for the delayed sound problem, see

That is good to hear.

Since the sound issue only affects you and seems to work for others out there; that may point to an audio driver or IRQ issue.

You really should include syslog. Upload syslog to ticket by “attaching it.” Look for the upload button. Also, getting interrupt info and attaching that could help too. For this, you have to get into kernel debugger & type ints then take screenshot with camera & upload it.

is it the problem fixed?

there are two diferent problems: one with network: i install newest build and network is OK,
second problem is with integrated sound card… i use for resolve this problem install opensound from install optional package and its functional but is not very stable, sometimes drop a media server with open sound

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