Problem with booting Zeta and BeOS on AMD X2

Hi. I am long fan of Haiku, previous BeOS operating system and I love Syllable too…

I have problem with run Zeta and classic BeOS R5 on my mashine… I must disable multicore support… I have AMD X2 4000+ and 2gb of RAM.

Zeta supports single core on AMD X2 ( dual core ) CPUs.

You can search Zeta forums for more info:
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I believe the same is true for Core 2 Duo but some people have got it working - probably on the first Intel dual core chipsets. So, I’m going to guess that multicore may not work on Intel dual/quad core CPUs either except in some cases when using an Intel chipset.

BeOS was built around Intel chipsets & CPUs ( & same holds true for Zeta too ). So, motherboards with Intel chipsets will have the best overall support. And why multicore may work for some using Core (2) Duos on Zeta.

There is nothing you can do with BeOS & Zeta. Their kernels would need updated code to work for you - and it’s not going to happen.

You’ll just have to use Haiku to get access to both AMD cores.

PS you can post your question to the General Haiku Mailing list & see if a kernel developer will respond.