Problem Running Haiku Under VMware Player

I want Haiku to eventually be my main/only OS. But in the meantime I decided to try it under VMware Player, (running under Vista) mainly because my system gets its internet connection via WiFi. I installed VMware Player and Haiki and everything seemed to work fine. However the next day whenever I try to start Haiku from within VMware Player I get this msg. “Error while powering on: The VMware Authorization Service is not running.”

I am going to uninstall reinstall everything and see what happens, but I thought I would report the problem first. We will see if it reoccurs.

Not sure why the Auth server quit running, but you can start it up again. In the run command line type “services.msc” Then scroll down to VMware Authorization Service and in the upper left window you can start the service. It should be set to Automatic… right click on it and set to automatic if needed. Also note the other VMware services that need to be running …Agent Service, NAT, and DHCP. The later two are only needed if plan to use networking in your guest OS.

Final note this problem has nothing to do with Haiku and will occur with any guest OS. This is a VMware issue on your host OS Vista. Any further problems should be posted on the VMware forums.

Thanks, that seems to have resolved the issue.