Printing still broken

it seems that printing is still broken in Haiku. using gutenprint as the driver and Parallel as the port i keep getting “init_transport failed” error messages. any ideas?

Haiku doesn’t have a parallel port driver yet.

You still have a supplable parrellel port printer ? That things gotta be old. Head down to a big box retailer get pickup a usb or network printer. They nearly give the darn things away, HP and Epsons have the best ink life and refill pricing per page, unless you get into a B&W laser.

I prefer a b/w laser printer for prof.

For color or A3 prints it is cheaper and better quality for me to go to a copy shop…

We have a usb printer. HP D4360. its not supported by gutenprint. also, floppies arnt supported by Haiku. seems like the direction is to drop support for ports and devices that arnt “modern”.luckily i dual boot with BeOS MAX and can print and mount floppies with that just fine.

To me it makes sense to support more of the modern hardware, A it tends to be more standards compliant vrs old hardware when standards were largely non exisistant becuase they hadn’t been invented yet, 2. theres a very small developer group and the hardware support we get, is something to be grateful for, not angsting against.

Honest;y, there is no particularly good reason for parrellel port printer support aside from nostalgia. From a resource stand point, and given the disposable nature of low end printer, simply not worth the hassle.

yeah and guetenprint is one best printing packages around for opensource as far as printer support goes.

I see your dilema. I bought a epson recently, works great for me. Big problem is not all programs in haiku print either.

And to avoid any confusion, I’ve just remove the “Parallel Port” transport add-on, which can’t works until we do have a parallel driver, from Haiku image.

honestly, waving goodbye to parrellel port isn’t going to negatively impact haku a bit. the only exception might be some industrial stuff, but thats all being done over USB these days, not to mention there are usb to parrellel port converters IIRC. They do require drivers however.

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