Printing problems

I’ve set up my HP Laserjet 2550L as a pcl6 printer in Preferences. It’s connected via USB. I’m running alpha 2.
I’m getting various error messages, including “init_transfer failed”. This message keeps popping up, and I can’t cancel the printing job.

Printing is kind of experimental on haiku. Your best bet is ask on the mailing list.

From what I remember it is being developed by some ex-yellowtab people.

OK, I’m now running Alpha 3, and I still can’t print.
I’ve tried my HP as a Gutenprint printer, and as a PCL 5, with the same lack of result. After waiting for quite some time for the test page to process (it’s only 10k), I get the init_transfer_failed message.
When using the Gutentprint driver, I do get to view the Print Status bar, with the 1/1 Remaining Page message, but no actual printing.
The driver does find and recognize my printer through USB.
This printer works fine in Zeta.