Morning, guys.

Now; this isn’t a “cry for help”, per se.

I’ve quite surprised myself by being able to get my old Epson Stylus SX218 working via Gutenprint, using the SX215 driver. It works…OK. It’ll print documents off, etc. Quality’s not brilliant, but then I’ve never been particularly enamoured of the Gutenprint drivers. They’re functional - like, they WORK - but they don’t give the fine-grained control the ‘official’ drivers give.

So; here it comes. Do we have a way to ‘convert’ an official Epson .deb package into a format that BeFS can work with? Is it ‘do-able’?

Any advice, tips, etc, will be very much appreciated.


Mike. :wink:

See this ticket.
The Library is named epson-inkjet-printer-escpr-1.7.8-1lsb3.2.tar.gz

Maybe you could check whether your printer supports what is described in this ticket:
If supported it would be interessant to check and compare the print quality (for instance in Debian).

@ korli:-

Interesting concept, your second link! I don’t know of an OS anywhere in the world that’ll auto-configure & set-up a printer simply by detecting it when plugged-in…

Mine definitely doesn’t support this. It’s nearly 10 years old, and doesn’t support a lot of the stuff modern printers come with. I had to configure through ‘Printer Preferences’ to get it working.

I also doubt I’ll be able to put the time in here to really get to the bottom of issues. The Puppy Linux Forums are my main home-from-home, I moderate on a couple of other fora, and have at least half-a-dozen others I regularly participate in.

There ARE limits…!

Mike. :wink: