PowerNow! for AMD64 CPU's


I’m wondering if there are currently developed or planned drivers for AMD CPU scalling technology in Haiku (PowerNow!)? I have an AMD Turion X2 Ultra ZM-80 processor inside ASUS M51Tr notebook and it’s not supported.

I see, there is an old driver for AMD64’s PowerNow! on http://www.bebits.com/app/4270, but it’s not developed and it’s intended for one notebook. I didn’t try to edit source, because I lack for knowledge about low-level programming with processors (so I don’t want to destroy anything).

Is there a PowerNow! driver project currently? I can provide some debug informations to bug tracker or report new bug, about my CPU and ACPI platform.

Thanks in advance for reply!

PS. Sorry for my poor English - I’m not native speaker.

Haiku will eventually get AMD CPU scaling technology ( power management ). This may happen in R2 or R1 release. Not for awhile. Just sit back, relax and eventually you’ll see it - may take years so be prepared to wait for it.


Thanks for reply!

I hope, it will be as soon as possible - CPU throttling is one of the most required functions for working on notebook.

I’ve enjoyed playing with Haiku since the alpha release and I look forward to greater hardware support.

But… The best way to throttle your cpu is to switch to a smartbook. :wink:

I’d really like to see ARM take a bite out of x86.

I agree. Now show me a smartbook I can actually buy. :slight_smile:

LOL, thanks for good advice :stuck_out_tongue:

Buying a new, expensive hardware just to have support in free, open source software was never understandable for me…