Power Off - iMac

When I select “Power Off” on my 2006 iMac is reboots.

At the mo’ the only 2 ways I can shut down the machine is either via the physical on/off switch
or by yanking the power cord out of the back: neither of which strike me as ideal.

In addition to this, the iMac is dropping its (wired) internet connexion after about 15 minutes
(something it did NOT do when running MacOS 10.7.5) meaning I am unable to use the SoftWareUpdater to
. . . Err . . . update the software.

You get a error messsge?

If not you can open a Terminal and run Softwareupdate from here with a " > /boot/home/output.txt" behind it. If there comes a error message, it will be written into the text file

The network just suddenly says “configuring” and will NOT
reconnect until I do a reboot: by which time, of course, all the
previous update files (which, I suppose, are stored in a ‘temp’ folder)
have vanished and the whole thing has to be started again.

At the risk of sounding “virginal”, when I typed

softwareoutput >/boot/home/output.txt

I got this:

bash: softwareupdate: command not found

Probably need to use “SoftwareUpdater”?

Nope: the “only” problem was that I typed ‘softwareoutput’ by mistake in my posting.

Drop the SoftwareUpdater icon on the Terminal and add then: " > /boot/home/output.txt"

Look in this tutorial if you does not underdrand right:

Thanks: I am used to doing that with Linux, but I had no idea that was possible with Haiku.

OK: had supper, and now trying that.

Interestingly enough it seems that it is only SoftwareUpdater that makes the internet connexion time out.

Oh, Blast! The internet connexion has timed out, but “output.txt” is empty.

What is really odd about this is that to regain an internet connexion I have to reboot the system.

Why use the graphical tool SoftwareUpdater? It may be possible to download packages using pkgman. Try this, and see if it helps. Like package managers on Gnu/Linux, this will allow you more control over Haiku’s packaging system.

As for the “power off” problem, I can confirm this happens to me as well on my 2006 MacBook. A normal shut down will cause it to remain on after shut down (I know, I should file a bug report, but I haven’t bothered to do it so far). And at least on my MacBook, getting around it I’ve found is somewhat easy. Instead of clicking “Shut Down”, opt to restart the computer. When you see the gray screen before Haiku comes up, press the power button (but don’t hold it down). I can’t speak for an Intel iMac with Haiku, but at least with my MacBook, the Mac should then turn off normally. It usually helps to give the Haiku boot menu a few seconds of time before starting into Haiku to give some extra time. Hope this helps… :slightly_smiling_face:

On my MacBookPro 11,3 (late 2014) power off is hit or miss. Sometimes it shuts down (and powers off), sometimes it doesn’t. Cannot identify pattern after all these years. Only once I had real weirdness where it went to sleep and on wake I had video on my 2nd thunderbolt out which is extra weird since thats nvidia gt750M out (no Haiku drivers for that beast).