Possibly not original suggestion: Tabbed windows

I’ve taken a screenshot of what I mean at http://imgur.com/eCvXx.png

The idea is to support tabs on windows themselves. It could be something simple, like windows locking into each other. In fact, that may be the best option.

Just something to think about.

The beginning of this idea started back on the beos, you can see this in haiku by pushing shift while clicking on a tab.

This never really went anywhere until some Auckland varsity students started the stack and tile project. The project is not finished yet, but when it is finished it will become part of haiku. It would be nice if haikuware created a preview live CD out of R1alpha1 and the stack and tile project.

Here is a video presentation of the stack and tile project:

This is what you are looking for:


Yeah I have wanted something like this, I would like to also have a transparent line that comes up just a tab height down from the top of the screen, and when you move the tab into that area it automatically sort of docks the window at the top of the screen in that stack and tile fashion shown in the links posted by Koki.

Wow, thanks guys! I’ll view the links later, and if any software is available, try it out.