Porting Synchting to Haiku?

Just wanted to know if a anyone here knows what Syncthing is and b if anyone has tried compiling it on Haiku?


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Its written in Go so someone would need to get Go compiling on Haiku first.

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There are a Go compiler available at HaikuDepot:


At least, version 1.3. Maybe could be updated to the (latest) 1.8

Not easily, unfortunately. Otherwise it would be done already.
It is not even possible to build that Go compiler from source anymore (dead links). I think the simplest way would be to port Go 1.8 from scratch, using the existing port as a reference. Maybe we will have this as a GSoC project in the future years, if no one else takes care of it before.


That would be good plan for GSoC.

diskette, maybe you can step up next year to port go during the 2018 GSoC…

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I have never ported something and I am not yet adequate to do so.

But thanks :slight_smile:

But hey, It could be the perfect task for you!,

I am a programmer student with interests in compiler and interpreter design ad implementation.


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My argument would be V8, libuv and node.js should be the top of the languages list, becuase JS is now the world’s most contributed to open source language.

Maybe you can check the old recipes then in HaikuPorts and help us to update them.

I think the closest I could get would be to help pay for someone to do that… I would be happy to donate $100 to someone who could try and get libuv and V8 working, but I don’t think it would be enough!

Good point :slight_smile:

I wrote a little compiler once. Was fun; terrible language though.

It compiled to Pascal XD.

I’d be more interested in keybase and kbfs under Haiku. It’s pretty much gpg signed peer to peer dropbox. “Public” and “Private” folders are awesome.


Also written in golang.

That looks cool! I didn’t even know it existed…