Porting Postal

@watto created a pull-request at haikuports that you can check out (with enabled build for secondary architecture I was able to build this for 32bit also), see: https://github.com/haikuports/haikuports/pull/6163


The package is available In HaikuDepot.
I tried the x64 version (with files from a GOG install) on an up to date nightly.
The games is working and you can edit controls but the mouse behaviour seems strange (really different than on my linux setup with same settings).
Another odd thing is that after exiting the game, everything seems to close nicely but there’s still a bunch of processes visible in ProcessController. I thought that they might disappear after few seconds but they didn’t.
I hope that is only because I’m using a nightly and others will have better experience.

You should be able to configure it/change the mouse settings. Anything specific may be down to our SDL implementation, I’m not too sure and I don’t know the game at all so I can’t really say.

You can probably copy your POSTAL.INI from your Linux install over to Haiku into the PostalPlus folder, paying attention to the various paths within it which will be different across platforms. See if that fixes it.

I didn’t notice any problems exiting but I’ll try to reproduce it.


Just downloaded it from HaikuPorts, ran through a couple levels, saved game, exited, re-opened, loaded, etc. Nothing seemed to be lurking about. Running Beta 3 x64 - not on a nightly currently.

And on the mouse thing, if you can find a config that works that you’re happy with I’ll get the recipe updated to default with it, so let me know.