Porting Mono


@cosmogatokat, I tried the Godot Engine available in the repos, but even it starts, nothing can be done there, at least inside the Virtual Machine, rendering issues, crashes… I will try again on a Bare Metal box I am building for Haiku only. I don’t see Unity3d ported in the near future, but if Godot is stable enough to work on it’s an option, even it is a C++ instead of C# engine.



@dwt So I found out about it these days without too much digging. Seems Haiku is stuck there, at least for the time being.
I presume the “last names” here are not Bezos, Shuttleworth, neither Musk… So it is in fact a lot of work. Anyway, I’ll keep asking whenever VSCode presents me another survey… Never know.



Godot need someone who help to test and send bugs to the github, i cant in these days cause i cant install haiku and my haiku machine just die, but if you can do that it will be very helpful, it need some bugfixes to start, can be excellent to have at least the 2d games working on our haiku. :slight_smile:


I’m already doing what I can with MS for getting Mono and such working under Haiku. I’m still debugging it, but if you’re persist and apply some evil hacks, you can get it to build all the way, with a lot of issues…


want to use it with the Godotmono game engine.


Sounds like you’ll need an IDE soon with Mono compiling support…

… Paladin will soon (next 3 months) have a plugin engine allowing other developers to add language, compiler, and error log processing plugins…

… Just sayin’. :wink:


The Ide but Godot engine is like Unity a game engine with c# support, it still have the own script language but … you know the c# are more librarys, more popular in that aspect, but the IDE is very important too.