Porting hw acceleration Gallium driver from AROS

I just tested 3d hardware accelerated rendering using Gallium with NVidia under
free operating system AROS. I would like to see this hw driver be ported to Haiku.

We have gallium already but no HW acceleration. kallisti5 is the man to talk to! Also since Haiku/BeOS already had an opengl API that has to be factored in to the port also any low level things aros was doing quite probably wouldn’t be the same on haiku since completely different drivers are being used to interface with the cards.

Its also worth noting that the radeon driver is currently recieving more attention on Haiku. Keep that in mind when spending money on cards Nvidia is not open at all with thier documenation or drivers.

we need to hire someone to writte Haiku drivers for sandy/Ivy bridge…

I’d suggest writing drivers for Intel GMA 950 acceleration, but ha ha, what acceleration? :wink: