Porting FLdigi to Haiku/BeOS? (ham radio digital mode software)

Is it feasible to port Fldigi program to Haiku/BeOS? It’s a ham radio program that works under Linux, Free-BSD, OS X, Windows XP, W2K, and Vista. It processes audio from the soundcard and allows communication with several digital modes like PSK31, RTTY, etc. I am dying to see how Haiku/BeOS would perform with these modes, since BeOS was originally designed to be fast and efficient with audio/video media. Fldigi sourcecode is here: http://www.w1hkj.com/downloads/fldigi-3.20.22.tar.gz and it’s description is here: http://www.w1hkj.com/Fldigi.html

Hi! seems easy to port

but needs some audio backend (libsamplerate, sndfile, pulseaudio or hamlib

I did sndfile port… but is missing refresh sndfile-playsound-beos with the actual media kit implementation…

I looking into it first.

Thank you

I have news

Actually sndfile for play sounds now works on Haiku

but FLTK, needed by FLdigi is impossible, due X crap dependency