Porting Dooble 2.x


I recently stumbled upon the 2.x release of Dooble and tried to port it (well, at least compile) myself, but I’m too stupid (or incompetent) to understand all the cmake stuff.

Is anyone here working on it or want to give compiling it a try? I don’t know if there’s anything in Dooble 2.x that makes it a show stopper which makes in unable to work on Haiku. You guys know more about this than me. From the looks of it, it “should” work, since the only external lib it requires is Qt5.

Hello! the previous version (1.56) is already available at HaikuDepot.

Not sure if the latest version could be available, because some features requires Qt5 version 5.10. In Haiku, we have only 5.9.3 at this moment.

I see. Didnt check which version of Qt5 that was avaliable in HaikuDepot. The 2.x version of Dooble doesnt seem to use QtWebkit for rendering, so it would become more than QupZilla or Dooble 1.5 is right now browser wise.