Pogger, an Atom/RSS thingo

I’ve been on-and-off working on a feed service, and I think it’s just about good enough to share now. It’s my first Haiku program, so there’re probably rough edges I haven’t noticed yet― if you give it a go, please report any problems. :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow, noice! Will definetely test it.

I use oldreader on my mobile devices to have some tought-food on the road. OldReader is hovewer better like mail, as there is a server and a subscription which keeps your feeds up to date and the various devices syncs with them, so i don’t have to scroll trough the same news on the different devices. I mark them read one one device, syncs to the server so the other devices won’t pull that news article.
Please consider to add support for this kind of workflow.

Great! I can retire fRiSS then, it seems :slight_smile:

Cannot make it work though… :slight_smile:
I even tried to create a ~/feeds folder manually, no joy. In Terminal I just see:

Downloading feed from https://www.haiku-os.org/blog/index.xml…
Downloading feed from https://depot.haiku-os.org/__feed/pkg.atom?natlangcode=de&limit=25&types=CREATEDPKGVERSION,CREATEDUSERRATING…

… but no files apper in ~/feeds.

That’d be pretty convenient, I’ll have to check it out. If Pogger’s used to open entry files, I don’t see why it’d be hard to start marking entries and “read” and “unread.” API doesn’t look too bad either. `o`

Whoops, the feeds folder wasn’t automatically made― just pushed a fix for that, thanks.

When you add a feed for the first time, it sets the “last updated” date to today, to keep it from flooding you with a bunch of old posts. If you want to get old posts, you couldd spoof the “Feed:when” attribute of the feed (in ~/config/settings/Pogger/Subscriptions/). I’ve got a spoofed HaikuDepot file here, if you wanna test it.

Heh, the only thing i used rss/atom for in the past is for webcomics, could i have a replicant displaying the latest entry from one as a feature request? or is that out of scope?

That worked, thanks!
Nice app! I must say, though, that the app being a B_BACKGROUND_APP is a bit weird to handle. Once you’ve buried its window under some others, it’s hard to get back, as it’s not in Deskbar nor Twitcher… :slight_smile:
I suppose it’d be nicer to have a ‘feed_daemon’ with a replicant in the Deskbar and a regular Pogger app that only runs when called from the daemon would be nicer.

Very much +1. Pretty essential to have a query for everything “New” of “Feed x”.

It feels a bit out of scope imo― the way I see it, Pogger’s thing should be fetching and managing feeds, and entry management/viewing is for Tracker and co. A more general-purpose “folder-monitoring” replicant could be used here. (Not sure if one exists, though? I vaguely remember a mention of an old Tracker replicant, or something.)

Yea, I’ve found it pretty annoying too― a deskbar replicant’s necessary here, I should definitely add one.