PLAN for Instaling multi-boot WindowsXP, Linux, BeOS and Haiku?

I am planing to install Multi-boot option with WindowsXP, Linux, BeOS (again) and Haiku (first time) on my laptops. For this reason I am curious to hear of informed and knowledgable multi-booters oh what would be best way to do it to optimize invested time, hard disk space and increase levels of compatibility with different systems.

Historically it has been a practice to start Multi-boot setup with oldest and most rigid OS version WindowsXP and move to Linux, then I am guessing BeOS and finally Haiku would be the last.

Assuming that Windows and Ubuntu/Linux are installed on spearate partitions… how is one to proceed?

? WHICH version of BeOS should I install: BeOS 5.2 (last official), Dano (last leak), Max (recent hybrid distro), yT Zeta?

? HOW to install Haiku? By copying files into BeOS formated partition?

Any Tips and Tricks as well as personal recommendations based on experience are more then welcome :wink:

Which distro of Linux? openSUSE does a nice job of adding other OS’s with its Bootloader app in YaST.

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Although a bit outdated now I still have a soft spot for XOSL. It will chain load to another OS’s boot manager. I use it to run 3 different copies on win98 off the one drive.

As I said a bit outdated but if you can’t get something else to work it maybe an option :slight_smile:

You might want a fat32 partition just to read/write files between all of the OS’s if so you could install XOSL on that partition and that can be anywhere on your drive like towards the end of the drive.

I know it works with XP don’t know about Haiku

Install Windows XP to first partition otherwise it will try to write a couple of boot files there anyways.

Next, install Zeta, Haiku, and last Linux. Install Grub to MBR & use it to boot all the other OSes.

All of those OSes read & write to fat32. I believe all of the above ( except BeOS? ) can read ntfs.

You should use Zeta unless you want to do development of applications for Haiku. Zeta is latest BeOS and best for end user but not useful for developing applications to work on Haiku.

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