Pkgsrc bootstrap fails on Haiku

It’s Haiku 32 bit. I run setarch x86 before did the bootstrap in order to have a more modern compiler.

Here is the error:

I will try to report it to pkgsrc-users, too.

The bootstrap also fails on Haiku 64 bit, too.

It looks like pkgsrc tries to defnie its own readpassphrase function when Haiku already provides one. Can you link us to where you reported this to pkgsrc-users so we can watch their comments?

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Does the configure actually have a test for the function? It probably doesn’t look for it in libbsd so thinks it’s not there, then the code puts a default one.

You’ll need to look for some AC_CHECK_FUNC() or AC_CHECK_LIB or AC_SEARCH_LIBS(), and add the library. Best is to use AC_SEARCH_LIBS which first tries without any libs, then tries with each of the libs passed:

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