Pkgman: how to reinstall

Haiku somehow managed to white /boot/system/develop/headers/GL clean except glut.h . I can’t compile OpenGL stuff anymore. I can though not uninstall mesa then install it again since this would uninstall nearly half the system. Is there a way to reinstall the package using pkgman so not half the system is gone?

Do you have glu installed?

Should’ve read better :slight_smile: cant you find it in some older state?

Unfortunately not. I did now install MESA 21.1 from another repo for testing. This did not add the files there. Hm… are the GL headers in a different package?

Did you also install the _devel package? (mesa)

I don’t think that possible. Try to reboot.

The mesa_devel did the trick. Looks like at some point this package got lost. Interestingly though MESA 21.1 has Vulkan support but the header files are not present. But that’s not important right now.

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If there are headers involved, always look for the _devel package :slight_smile:

The Haiku ports not necessarily support the same features as on other platforms. This is true for every port.

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