Patch for Goldendict needed!

i’ve been trying for 2 days now to compile Goldendict with no success,the code is quite difficult to patch because alot of X stuff are mixed with other code and that makes it difficult for a non-C++ guy like me to patch it.
so, has anyone succeeded compiling this app and cares to share his patch with me?,or is willing to give me hand with patching 1 file and its header? this file is the only thing that’s holding the app from compiling.
the file is:
its header is:

Take a look here:

Thanks alot Diver for your patches, they worked flawlessly ,looking at the way you patched the “” file doen’t seem that complicated after all, i just couldn’t find my way around all that X stuff. thanks again.

Heh, those aren’t my patches. They are diger’s :slight_smile:

Ok now i see it on the link,i had asked him privately 2 years ago or so to send me his patch and he said he would do,but he didn’t,he must 've forgotten i guess. in any case thank you both for sharing.