Partial Outage | Haiku Project


Working perfect here from Dubai in the UAE, AND speeds are much, much improved. :smiley:


Thank you soo much!!!


Oop. Yes. mmlr is working through putting them in some cloud VM’s. After his recent virtio fixes, haiku runs a lot better in vm’s at cloud providers.

The end goal is to spin up vm’s “as needed” at cloud providers to help reduce our costs. (a builder may only need to run a few hours a week… so why pay for one 24x7)


One thing I thought I’d ask is sometimes there can be up to 12-15 unread topics if I visit the forum after a day, etc. and I open each in a new tab, I’m presuming each tab is a new request each time. Does this impact performance at all?

Thankful the server is back up, btw! :slight_smile:


Me thinks someone is playing with the buttons and switches again. :stuck_out_tongue: