Paladin C/C++ IDE is not present after installation


I’m new on Haiku OS.
I try to install the Paladin IDE. I have do it by the HaikuDepot way but after have installed it, the icon of Paladin is not in the Applications menu. Where is it? Have I miss something to do?

By the way I’am interesting about a Graphics Library for Developping Games like Allegro/SDL/OpenGL
Usually I’am using C language.

But I don’t know which one is availible on Haiku OS system.

Thank for reply.

Hi there! Paladin should be in the Applications menu. I just tried installing from HaikuDepot and it did put the entry in the menu. I’m not sure why it’s not showing up for you.

Allegro and SDL are also available in HaikuDepot. There’s also a bunch of OpenGL stuff, which I think is what Haiku uses, although it’s not accelerated.

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To see what Tools are available, Browser through haikudepot

The main problem is resolved…The Operating system just need a reboot after the installation of Paladin for showing it in the menu.

I’m surprised, Paladin seem can’t build in pure C programming.

I go watch for the SDL and Allegro library then…

This could happen if you updated system packages and then installed Paladin without restarting first.

Correct. Currently Paladin only supports C++ (or c++ with c), and not pure c projects. This is a limitation I hope to remove soon as I’m working through fixing an intermittent build problem and refactoring / abstracting the project language and build tasks from the project itself. (The basis of many a feature request!)

If there are any particular C samples / templates you need please let me know.