Packaging Conference

Thank you! I was thinking of a follow-up for next year’s PackagingCon:

  • Haiku ports
    • porter
    • recipes
    • repo infrastructure
  • Cross compiling

Also, wasn’t Haiku support upstreamed in gcc? I thought I had read something about that on Phoronix but can’t find it now. That could also be an interesting thing to mention.

Are there other conferences where we think a Haiku talk would be appropriate and well-received? I’d be happy to put more talks together and tell more people about our awesome OS :slight_smile:


Wow, a follow up presentation for next year would be amazing!

Good to hear you’re willing to do more talks at other events too, we need more people to do that to spread awareness of Haiku.

I’ll do a bit more research, but the only big event I can think of right now is C++ Con, which is in September next year:


Haiku support was merged in binutils but not in gcc yet. First we need to get Haiku fully built with gcc11, so we have a working version of our patches for the latest gcc version