Package Manager

I’m not completely familiar with BeOS or Haiku although I have used both for a very short amount of time. Anyway, I wanted to know if Haiku uses a standard package manager to install files like Windows does with exe files. I recall installing a pkg. file in BeOS that was similar but I don’t see too many of those for download. Many of the downloads that I find from BeBits and Haikuware contain files that are complex and that give little or no information on how to install. To a user who is familiar with using BeOS and Haiku this may not be a problem, but for a new user it can be quite frustrating.

Hi galraedia.

An official package manager for downloading, un/installing and updating is only in the planning stages. If it will be included in R1 isn’t decided yet.

For more information regarding un/installing applications, have a look at the


yes, package manager is one of things missing from Haiku. I believe the devs want to do one but I can’t say when it will happen.

For now, I created a package manager that should get a few programs installed - up to 30. It is meant for the Alpha release because I excluded programs already part of the Alpha. You can try it out here ( unzip to /boot/ ):

Installing programs is fairly easy if you understand the directory structure.

I did not realize that Haiku changed over to boot/home/apps & boot/common/apps. I’ll have to take another look later on when I have the time. This is for multi-user and something that won’t show up until R2 anyways.

Usually speaking, libraries should go under /boot/common/lib. Applications can be unzipped and run from anywhere but best to put them under the apps sub-folder.