P7zip has a working GUI in GTK3

Works with p7zip.16.02, i think can be “activated” with a few glitches in the 17.04 and some code modifications


How to:

cd Utils
sed -i 's/_do_not_use//g' generate.py
python3.9 generate.py
cd ..

make -j$(nproc) 7zFM 7zG



To be useful on BeFS, p7zip will need an extension for Haiku’s metadata support as has been added to our version of Zip. Unpacking 7z files from other filesystems will work though.

Heh, noice!

Does “Tools/Benchmark” work? (used to use that to compare the crappiness of old netbooks down here :smiley:)

Seeing this and other, earlier impossible, out-of-place ports and wine powered applications happily running on Haiku reminds me those mid 2000’s “Photoshop on BeOS” mockups and fantasy-screenshots.
Do i have a nostalgy for something unreal? Human psyche is strange.

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Speaking of wine-powered things… I’ve installed Wine just to run shellcheck.exe on Haiku, LOL (needs a working haskell compiler, and I’m not going anywhere near that).

Runs so slow that you can read the output more or less at it gets sent to stdout :smiley:

Even if it is possible to make it work, I would prefer to see p7zip support in Haiku’s Expander and ZipOMatic. Using a dedicated GUI for each archiver/unarchiver binary is a non-sense that has spread on almost every known OS. I’m glad that, for now, Haiku hasn’t fall in such madness. If you need an enhanced archive manager, better work on improving Beezer.

p7zip something different than 7-Zip? Because tht is alread supported by Beezer and Expander. (Doesn’t support BFS attributes though, it appears.)

Indeed except BFS attributes support we are good. And to be honest, Beezer interface still has few hardcoded colours that can make it unusable with a custom colour scheme, otherwise I don’t see the need for another GUI.

About ~75% of those have been fixed in the git repository. @Teknomancer and I just need to find time to fix a few things and put out a new release.