Os Shed

So I have noticed a lack of sites that cover solely the newly emerging os’es like HAIKU, AROS, ReactOs, and decided to give it a try to cover news , provide reviews and tutorial.
Check out the site here http://osshed.blogspot.com/ and it will be more HAIKU heavy then anything else :).

Fixed link.

You messed up your link because you forgot to put a space between the “and” and the link, so clicking the link results in a “page not found” error because there is no page named “and” on your site.

Thanks. Didn’t notice that. I fixed it,

Who else has a haiku-based blog? Me, me me!

Mine is more a news aggregator than an original content site, so I guess there’s room for us all. I’ll be monitoring you guys …


I created a blog too, but this one is only about Haiku related stuff, and nothing else. It is titled “All About Haiku”. It has only 3 posts right now, but more will come soon. Check it out at http://allabouthaiku.blogspot.com/ and comment if you like it. By the way, I like your blog too.