Ordinary Users


Oooooo, a 1991 Gareway desktop with a 1000 mhz Pent III and 384K Of ram comes up perfectly. Only wrinkle so far is ethernet card does not function. so, soup status might be much closer than my prior opinion.


Are there Minefield builds archived somewhere? I’m interested in porting Pale Moon, which mainly uses Cairo for rendering. It would be great to have a less dusty starting point.


Before porting PaleMoon, you would need to port GTK2.0 (one of its dependencies), which is a big effort on itself, because it needs a ported backend to display on it.

I half ported GTK3, and even with that, didnt dare to port a browser over it…


I demand Firefox with GTK in WebPositive!


Wouldnt it be much easier to port Falkon after someone make QTWebEngine work?


FireFox still uses Skia, requires it now and you can’t disable it AFAIK, but they are moving a lot of what skia did into WebRender written i rust… which still uses Skia for some things like SVG rendering.

I think skia may eventually go away and WebRender will do most things and be the backend for Moz2D.

It may be possible to get FireFox working relatively easily by just letting WebRender know that it should use llvmpipe to output graphics via OpenGL on Haiku. The painful part is getting FireFox’s build system working on Haiku.


Can’t say I didnt try to make it work :stuck_out_tongue: … once

Yes. Too much space, too much files, too much compile time, too much ram requirements to be done easily on a virtual machine.

I tried that and palemoon, but GTK-related things were always a blocking part.


Not at all, it really isn’t that bad on that end, what I was refering to was the wierd python build environment they have implemeneted. I think they even require nodejs to build now for some idiotic reason (some wizzbang build/debugging stats or some such).