OpenJDK is missing, but suddenly 150_j programs are available ... where from?


Yes, the old package still runs if you can get a copy of it. All we need is getting it into the depot again. We also tried to update to Java 8 but this does not work (it crashes on start with an out of memory error). We have asked the buildbots maintainers to include the Java package several times, with no success so far :frowning:


Thanks for the info PulkoMandy. Let’s hope for the best then :wink:
Btw, is/was there also a package for Haiku x86_64? I attempted to build openjdk from haikuporter but it says the recipe is broken.


OpenJDK 1.7 and 1.8 were only ported to Haiku 32 bit. There were previous efforts to port them to x86_64, but it requires a much more complicated bootstrapping process to build it.

I can imagine that another possible way around this is to use the upcoming 32 bit compatibility mode/layer for x86_64 to run a 32 bit OpenJDK. Until that comes, then you have to bootstrap/cross-compile a build somehow.


If people like to keep track, this is theissue at haikuports for the OpenJDK package.


Thanks for the information @return_0e and @humdinger . The bootstrap documentation doesn‘t look very inviting, but then again I managed to compile and run CDE on FreeBSD , so I might as well give it a try :wink: