OpenJDK for Haiku status?

Looks like the OpenJDK project is pretty much stalled. Is that true?
I found the project page on the web, there’s a link that says “click here for updates”.
Clicking on that leads to a 404, broken link notification.
The description of the project is several years old and just says they’re planning to do it.
Does this mean it’s pretty much on ice?

A working java VM would bring a lot of software to Haiku, including some proprietary stuff I use in my work which would enable me to try to do some actual productive stuff on Haiku, which would be cool.

Staroffice is another obvious huge bonus.

My personal opinion is this would be a huge plus to Haiku, hopefully it’s not quite as on ice as it seems to be.

OpenJDK on Haiku is currently stalled. The current issue is reported to be a GCC issue when compiling OpenJDK on Haiku. More details on another OpenJDK thread on one of the Haiku forums.

Yes, it would be really awesome to have OpenJDK running on Haiku. It would be great
for someone with programming experience to take point on this and coordinate
with the OpenJDK team.