openGL based GUI

why not just use openGL for Desktop (GUI) rendering and accelerator, since today graphics cards support openGL, it would be nice and fast! and we could build API for graphics shell which is universal to all OSes, because all OSes support openGL, then given some independent layer running on top of any OS, we could have working shell that would run on any OS (theoretically).

it would make easier to develop further advanced shell and GUI for Haiku, since we could test the GUI rendering on any OS, we could doing it in massive parallel progress, there’s no need to waiting for kernel or underlying layer of GUI working stable.

any comments?

actually i am planning to do something like it, build universal shell for any OS based on openGL. i am planning to use linux and get rid of X replaced with the openGL shell (desktop), but since i met Haiku a few days before, it would be nice to have Haiku implement this.